what some of our clients have to say:

Katie helped me set up an accounting system three years ago, and she’s been my savior ever since. When I mess up, she’s there to guide me back to the right path, I don’t know what I’d do without you, girl!
— Dave Burton, All American Scooters
I just wanted to thank you for all you help and suggestions for helping Juan and I get our Quickbooks files all set up and teaching me how to set up our books for our real estate investments. We took our information over to Scott Burgess and he prepared our tax return. He said my files were in great shape and I did a good job in Quickbooks. You were an excellent teacher and I really appreciate all your support and suggestions you gave me. I will probably still have other questions as we continue our business and might need your support along the way. I look forward to meeting with you again for more ideas and suggestions as our business grows and I need more guidance.
Thanks again
— Terry and Juan Ramirez
Katie and her team do an excellent job managing my challenging books for my company. I have been using her for a little over a year now and recommend Revolution Bookkeeper’s to all my friends and family that need help. Katie is very knowledgeable on tax and bookkeeping issues and is a very nice person who is easy to get along with. I highly recommend them for your bookkeeping needs.
— Corey E.
Our company has been working with Katie and her team at Revolutions for a few years now. They have been efficient, attentive, helpful, and accurate. They have so much patience with our management teams, and are very considerate of our time and busy schedules. We love working with them, they definitely make our jobs easier and keep us in line.
— Amber S.
I would highly recommend Revolutions Bookkeepers for any small business owner. I’m a local florist in Austin and came to Katie and her team in need of accounting services. What she has delivered has been far more valuable than just book keeping. She has advised us on how to streamline our invoicing processes, set up an easy-to-use QuickBooks account and given us great advice on how to make our business more efficient and profitable. In addition, I have found Katie to be quite personable, friendly and willing to help out whenever she can. We’re very happy with our decision to hire Revolutions Bookkeepers.
— Emily R.
Owning, operating, and growing a small business can be so stressful and arduous. Sometimes taxes and bookkeeping can be just the thing to make a sane person seriously contemplate driving his car off a cliff. Don’t do it! Revolutions bookkeepers makes life so easy! This team is so strong and positive every time we talk. I feel so at ease knowing that I’m not alone with my taxes, payroll, or those indecipherable surprise documents that show up in my mailbox. If I have a question the team at Revolutions is there to help - with a can-do attitude. They exceed my expectations time and time again! If you’re a business owner and need some help managing your books, filing taxes, or even payroll - look no further! Doesn’t get any better than Revolutions.
— Britton D.
Let me just start off by saying Katie and her crew have been doing something that a lot of us don’t want to do for many years (they know what they’re doing.) It’s hard not to appreciate the skill set and hustle her team provides. I came to Katie because I was LOST. It’s hard to figure out where to start with a small business let alone tackle the bookkeeping??? I’m trying to get our family owned business off the ground in a healthy/viable way. Although the business has been operating for 10+ years out of a free space (a church) it recently just had to relocate to a paid space and the owner’s passion is for people not so much for the business/operations side. That’s where I came in, but I was drowning. Katie takes the time to detangle a lot of the confusion, give hope that you can (with help) move forward (no matter how bad things seem), and shine some light a lot of the darkness. You will have homework. Do it, stick with it if you can - that helps. She’s a great mentor and got our books to where they were manageable which alleviated a lot of stress (I can sleep at night now.) I will continue to work with her in the future and glad I found her! Local owners rock :D
— Tyra C.

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